TITLE: "Spring Awakens the Desert Mountains..."
By Fredric Frank Myers Mixed Media Constructivist Artist


  SERIES: The Phoenix

MEDIA: Nine separate units of relief shaped linen in natural color, stretched
over fiber-glassed wooden forms. Center "lines" are 1/4 inch solid copper bars,
1 at top and 2 at bottom laminated between 1/8 inch painted wooden strips.
Copper has blue-green patina. Linen is striped, stippled and spattered with acrylic
paint and sealed with acrylic matt media. All sections are bracketed
together from behind to form one unit.

DIMENSIONS: 44 inches high x 96 inches wide x 12 inches deep

DATES: Designed in 1992, completed construction 1993.
           Partially reworked in 1998 & 1999.
   PRICE:   $64,600.00