TITLE:  "Terra/Welkin: One..." 

Terra The Welkin ONe
MEDIA: Masonite and wood construction, painted with acrylic paint
and sealed with acrylic matt media. Upper and lower center areas are recessed
by 2.5 inches.  Frame is of 2x4 inch milled stock, then glued and screwed so
as to be part of piece. 
Note: This piece was originally designed to have lights hidden behind the 
surface piece so as to softly glow over recessed sections. But at this point in
my career, I begin to feel that the electric and sound pieces were dealing less
with my feelings towards aesthetics;  rather, after three years they had become
 more of a toy, with only interesting technical challenges. 
DIMENSIONS: 79.5 inches high x 49.5 inches wide x 4 inches deep.
DATES: Designed in 1969. Construction completed in March 1971
PRICE:  "...Whereabouts unknown..."


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