Over the past 50 years I have observed a dramatic decline in the opportunity for public school students to enroll in a fine arts program.  As a practicing artist and also a student of history, I believe this shortcoming within our education system, creates a negative impact upon our society:  For, without the ability to truly understand how best to adequately express oneself, an individual will always function at a social disadvantage.  This being said, I have attempted to design a solution that may, to some small degree, eradicate a portion of this problem.


My solution was to create a TRUST with the sole purpose of offering financial grants to practicing fine artists, willing to except a teaching position, for a period of three years, in a public school.  In order for a particular school system to qualify for these artist/teachers, the school must have been forced, because of economic restraints, to discontinue offering a complete curriculum in fine arts to its high school students. 


The grant program is to be supported by the sale and the resale of my artwork (see sales agreement) and upon my death, all assets, artwork, equipment, materials and real estate holdings, will be turned over to the TRUST.  Those items bequeathed to close friends or relatives, will, upon the passing of those individuals, be donated to the TRUST.


As funds are accrued, they will be invested into a financial program that is environmentally friendly, and which shall be sufficiently diversified so as to create the best interest return, thereby allowing the grant program to be self-sustaining. In addition, upon the sale of any of my art works, I agree to deposit into the TRUST account a minimum of 15 percent of the price of those sale.


The TRUST is to be monitored by a board of trustees, initially appointed by Fredric Myers, later members will be replaced, on an alternate basis, being asked to participate by the original board.  All trustees will serve on a voluntary basis, with reasonable expenses being paid for by the TRUST.  The board shall be appointed from, but not limited to, the fine arts and art educational community and shall be considered a voluntary honorarium.  Board member terms will be for a period of 5 years, with the option of a 5-year extension, with the unanimous approval of the board.  The board shall oversee and review applicants, fund disbursements and investments, hiring of fulltime and part time staff, and also the hiring and supervision of a grant director to coordinate the general staff.


The hired staffís work shall encompass the following but not be limited to; evaluating applicants and cataloging slides, evaluating school system applications, annual and semiannual review of grant recipientís performance, exhibition schedules, organization of exhibits and workshops of grant recipientís, gallery and workshop schedules and general upkeep of TRUST facilities, storage of art work and equipment maintenance.



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