In order to offer a client a more equitable approach to entering into an agreement for commissioning a work of art, I have found the following to be the most reasonable.


A client selects a basic style from examples of my previous work; either a specific piece or a combination of pieces may be selected.  I will then design 3 concepts, laid out to scale and including the additional specifications regarding overall sizes, colors and materials, for a fee of  $5,000.00.  Upon completion of the designs, a selection is made and the design/drawing chosen becomes the property of the client.  Following this, if there are no additional changes or input from the client, I am able to give a firm estimate as to the cost of constructing the design selected.


If a price is agreed upon and the time frame for completion of the project is acceptable, a contract is entered into. Upon signing of the agreement a one-third down payment is required, a second third is to be paid by the end of the halfway point and the final third is to be paid upon completion. The final payment will include a reduction for the initial $5,000.00 design fee.


Throughout the construction period, the client may, upon a 12-hour courteous notification, visit the studio to view the progress on their piece.  Upon completion, I also encourage the client to take the opportunity to view their work of art, before crating. As all costs for the crating are our responsibility, shipping, insurance and hanging of the piece, will be the responsibility of the client.




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