The following is an agreement between the artist, Fredric Frank Myers, his
authorized representative or his TRUST and the purchaser(s), ______________________________,
to agree to the following conditions when accepting ownership of this work of art.

Title  ____________________________________________date completed__________ 

Date of sale _________ Size of art piece _______________ Sales price ______________


(a) The artwork can never be used or reproduced in any form for any commercial venture,
nor can it be used in any advertisement what so ever, other then to advertise an exhibition
where the art piece will be displayed.  Furthermore, the artwork can never be altered, in any
way. Cleaning must only be by a bonded fine arts cleaning company.


(b) When the ownership of this work is transferred, either through sale, gift, donation, or
inheritance, the seller agrees to pay to the artists TRUST, within 30 days of sale, a 15% fee.
This fee will be based on the appraised or sales amount, which ever is greater, that exceeds the
original purchase price paid to the artist, the artists TRUST or previous owner.


(c) The artist agrees to pay, within 30 days of this sale a 15% fee, of the sales amount to the
artists TRUST.  Documentation is available to the purchaser upon request. Upon the artists
death all artwork, not previously sold or bequeathed in the artists will, becomes the property
of the artists TRUST and are unconditionally binding to all conditions of this document.


(d) The purchaser agrees to stay in contact with the artist, his representatives or the TRUST,
as to the whereabouts of the artwork.  If the owner agrees to include this art piece in any
future exhibits, the TRUST shall cover all expenses incurred related to the crating, shipping,
return and re-hanging of the piece in the ownerís residence or place of business.  At no time
will any information regarding the purchaserís personal information be given to any other
parties without the written consent of the owner(s).


(e) The artists TRUST is a nonprofit and tax exempt organization designed to offer grants to
artists that will practice their craft while teaching fulltime in a public high school system.  The
school system that receives these artists/teacher must be so financially restricted, that the
school system has ceased offering a fine arts program to its students. 


(f) Shipping and insurance expenses to the purchaserís destination will be the
purchaserís responsibility, all crating costs will be at the artists expense.


(g) Ownership of this artwork can only be transferred to parties that agree to all of the
above conditions and sign an agreement so stipulating.


The undersigned have read and are in agreement with all of the above:






Witness________________________________________________ date_____________


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